Never talk politics, just take action – VOTE!

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November 3, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646




Never talk politics, just take action – VOTE!

Next Tuesday – November 8, 2016 is election day in the United States.

As part of the defining of our “Republic,” We the People have the opportunity to voice our opinion by voting.

We live in a time where we are bombarded by media hype.  It is very challenging to sift through the real details and key factors to consider when placing your vote.  None the less your vote is critical and counts.

Here are a few data points to hopefully cause you to get out and vote.

These numbers have been adjusted for the eligible voting age population of voters and adjusted to deal with locales which have higher numbers of ineligible people of voting age.

1972 – 55.1%

1976 – 53.6%

1980 – 52.8%

1984 – 53.3%

1988 – 50.3%

1992 – 55.2%

1996 – 49.0%

2000 – 50.3%

2004 – 55.7%

2008 – 57.1%

2012 – 54.9%

Regardless of the various sources, all the numbers were around the same place +/- a couple of points.  More importantly is to step back and look at the data and wonder about why when voting is such a large part of our “FREEDOM” that only a little over 50% of the voting age population exercises their right to vote.

In 1876 – 100 years after the Declaration of Independence voter turnout hit an all time high of 81.8% of the then eligible voter population.

In 1920 – the first presidential election to incorporate the 19th amendment – Women’s right to vote which added additional eligible voters to the ranks, the turnout was 49.2%

In 1972 – the first presidential election to incorporate the 26th amendment to lower voting age to 18, the turnout was 55.1%

So this coming week, please take the time to cast your vote.  Exercise one of your rights as a US Citizen – VOTE!!!

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