Close out 2016 on a strong note

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November 17, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646




Close out 2016 on a strong note

Next week marks the start of the Christmas shopping push.  Many retailers are already pushing “Black Friday” deals.  From large expenses such as cars and trucks to everyday needs the marketplace will be focused on closing out the calendar year with hopefully record sales.

So is your business set to close out the year on a high note of sales?

With less than 25 productive business days left in 2016 your attention needs to be on converting pipeline high and medium probable sales into real on the books business.

Great sales leaders and teams are already well versed in the status of their pipeline.  They have identified decision makers, budgets, time critical purchase events, etc. It all seems quite logical and that every business operates this way. Unfortunately, too many business leave sales results in the hands of sales reps and do not help them close the deals. It is not that the company is not supporting their reps but sometimes the end of year distractions get in the way of those “likely to close deals.” We need to get these addressed before the holiday distractions set in.

This coming week before the Thanksgiving holiday, gather your sales team together and have each rep identify the value of business they will close before December 31, 2016.  As part of that review, identify the degree of confidence/probability they are willing to commit to delivering on the business.  For those opportunities which fall into the less that 90% confidence arena, dig deeper into what can be done to move the business to close. No, this is not the time to start tossing in discounts, etc. but understanding the real buying factors and working those decision factors to conclusion in time to bring the business in during 2016.

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