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Open Up Communication

In a world when technology has improved many aspects of the business world it has equally put challenges on interpersonal communication. You know that face to face, belly to belly dialogue which was more abundant before Email, Text, Voicemail etc.

Email, Text, Voicemail all have very valuable places in the business and personal world.  The challenge is that not all communication can be done using these tools.  We still have the need to talk to one another.

For an extreme example to highlight a point, if in a building and a person is in distress for what ever reason and their life was in peril – would they send an email out to their friends or Facebook the event they were involved with?  Would they call them on the phone? Not likely.  They would communicate with screams and noise and anything to draw attention to the situation as they begged for help.

I know that was hypothetical and the exaggeration may not directly apply to business; but the need for face to face communication and the benefits it brings to a business is very important to its future.

As the business leader – do you know how well your team actually communicates?  Do you judge the effectiveness of communication strictly on the end deliverable/results?  The results are great but if getting to the results took extra time and effort which some quality communication could have improved then you are only seeing half the picture.

This week take a look at your business communication processes.  Some of them flow through your business completely dependent on technology such as a  technical service call which your customer enters in on their PC and the issue is electronically transferred from them to a technician to resolve.  Upon resolution the technician informs the customer of the fix and moves on to their next event. In some businesses, the customer gets another electronic message/survey asking how their transaction was handled and in some cases they reply again via electronic transfer of information. The good news is the customer’s issue was resolved and your company received feedback. The not so good news is that it all took place in a vacuum of verbal dialogue.

Granted, this string of communication that identified the issue and its resolution was very effective and efficient. Many customers not only enjoy the nature of this communication but don’t take for granted that one size fits all.

As you review your communication processes, take into consideration not just what makes it quick but what also makes it complete.

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