Did you make resolutions and goals for 2017?

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Did you make resolutions and goals for 2017?

The New Years parties are now history. All but the final college championship bowl game is left to play. Most everyone is back to work and 2017 is now in full swing.

So the questions is – did you make resolutions and goals for 2017?

If you did, have you planned them out with metrics to measure and manage your progress? Or have you already drifted astray of your resolutions and replaced them with something less challenging?

This historic tradition of setting new goals, objectives, plans, resolutions or what ever you elect to call them is always an interesting topic.  Some people are very committed to setting the plans in place and moving the markers along the play field of progress while many others are far more content with simply making resolutions to be broken prior to the dawn of the New Years day.

It is easy to make the resolution or set the goal.  It is a totally different story to plan, work and achieve the outcome or results.

A few suggestions to keep your goals on track:

Some refer to this approach as setting SMART goals as each letter helps you remember the characteristics of setting the goal.

S – Specific – be specific as to what the end results will look, feel, taste like.  Involve your senses to truly create a vivid experience in your mind.

M – Measurable – how will you keep track of the progress – can you measure it with some type of metric?  The measurement helps you invest more energy to achieve a measured result.

A – Achievable/Attainable – setting your goals to be with in your available capabilities.  Set a goal to run the 100 yard dash in world record time might be good for top level track performers but for the general population setting that mark will only get you frustrated and you will eventually stop pursuing the goal.

R – Realistic – much like achievable and Attainable, your goal must be realistic.  Too often people stop the pursuit of a goal or objective simply because they give up on it because they can’t even imagine themselves getting to the results.  This means the goal from the start was completely unrealistic.

T – time trackable – setting a deadline for getting to the end or for major milestones along your progress.  When you get to the time elements you can reward yourself for work well accomplished and then get back on the track to further accomplishment.

This week in your business, review the goals and objective you set for 2017.  Do they meet the criterion outlined above?  If they do then it is time to get on with progress.  If not, it is better to re-plan your goals so they can meet the criterion so they have a better chance of being realized.

Struggling with the whole goals and objectives planning process?  Call JKL Associates (313) 527-7945 so we can help you define and achieve your future success.

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