What are you avoiding?

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January 26, 2017- ISSN# 1545-2646




What are you avoiding?

That is a pretty tough question!

It is tough because your avoidance force is helping you avoid truthfully answering the question. It is well understood and proven by many studies that we are programmed to be negative.  Yes, many of us are optimistic and can view the world through rose colored glasses, but deep down internally we are more likely to make a decision based on what we can avoid as to what we can gain.

On that first date, did you reject them to avoid being rejected? Did you let someone else give the presentation in front of the class to avoid the embarrassment of stumbling over your words? I’m sure you can capture a variety of situations which you have avoided over the years for one reason or another.

I’m not implying that all avoidance is bad.  The key is being able to differentiate between situations where avoidance suppresses your opportunity to make progress and you actually have the capability to deliver the results being requested.

The avoidance factor is alive in the workplace just as much as in our personal lives. Daily we make decisions based on various elements which are either moving us toward a desired outcome or pushing us away from a non-desired result.

These forces take into account those things which we value.  Through the years we craft our values by events and experiences, through education, through the emotional intensity of an outcome or result. These values then form the foundation upon which we are either attracted or push back from a set of circumstances.

Your business operates in much the same way.  As individuals we develop our values which are part of our overall guidance system for decision making.  In business your organization has an ever evolving culture.  The culture of your organization either engages people into action or causes them to hold steady to wait for direction.

This week take a look at the effects your culture has on the progress you desire for 2017.  Does the culture support the direction, the goals, the opportunities?  Does the culture reward progress or status quo?

It is very challenging to move forward if your culture is positioned to hold you back.

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