No such thing as a recruiting season

September 7, 2017- ISSN# 1545-2646

No such thing as a recruiting season

Some businesses have more cyclic sales cycles.  For example, in the northern part of the climate zones there will be a increase in exterior goods and services such as paint, roofing materials, lawn services, gardening etc. during the late spring through early fall of each year.  Those companies which cater to these types of sales cycles adopt purchasing and expense models which allow for them to accommodate the swings in income to expense events. They invest in the late winter prior to spring to stock up on products with anticipation to sell off these products by late fall. Depending on their vendor terms they may even be able to ride a payment during this cycle allowing them to balance out cash flow spikes either up or down.

Additionally during these climate based sales cycles, businesses also have to flex their talent pools to accommodate the increasing demands for goods and services.  Trades people are called back from winter layoffs.  Customer service staff are hired to support the increased traffic at retailers.

These annual changes that flow with the environment and temperature changes have caused business to emulate their buying habits of goods and services to be triggers for looking for talent in the marketplace.  The challenge is that all of the same businesses go into the marketplace at about the same time fighting for the same pool of people and thus the first come first served attitude can sometimes prevail.  This lands people in jobs that although they may show up and put in time, they do not align with their real skills nor might they align with the company culture and expectations.

Now, during your busiest time of the year, your not putting your best foot forward.  Your customers experience a different attitude than what you want being promoted and now your customers are caused to shop elsewhere.

I realize that with the shifts in revenue during these cycles, no small or medium sized business can afford to keep all your talent on the payroll.  This is just not possible.  You also can’t change the weather patterns to expand the premium sales cycles to be longer or even more consistent each year.

What you can control is always being on the lookout for the best possible talent which aligns with your organization’s purpose and core values and creating a relationship with those people so that when your uptick is beginning to happen you can reach out to the best people and not settle for what is left in the marketplace.

I have for years made the analogy of business owners need to be like college coaches.  Every four to five years the entire team is replaced.  An incoming freshmen graduates and is replaced with a new talent. Even these cycles get shortened do to changes in schools, future career plans and injuries.  The best college sports systems are not those with coaches that have the best coaching experience but those colleges whose coaches are the best at continuous recruiting of the best possible talent.

Football coaches don’t wait and recruit in the summer prior to a fall football season.  Softball coaches are not recruiting in the middle of the winter for spring season.  They are always looking and recruiting talent.

This week take a look at your team.  Where are the best people placed?  What are you doing to make sure they are engaged?  Where are the potential gaps in your team and your need to recruit to replace?  What is your recruiting strategy? Make a permanent choice to move from a replacement mentality on your team to a recruitment mentality.

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