Customer Buying vs. Being Sold

September 14, 2017- ISSN# 1545-2646

Customer Buying vs. Being Sold

Daily each of us make various buying decisions.  From the early morning coffee for the drive to work to the purchase of clothing to more expensive items such as cars and houses.  As business leaders decisions on purchases come in many forms as well such as raw materials for manufacturing to technology and capital improvements to facilities.

In all of these actions to purchase goods and/or services, we as the consumer, whether for business or personal, like to maintain control of the process and what is being purchased.

As businesses we have goods and services we offer into the marketplace.  These products must meet with a need expressed or learned by the customer.  In sales, those representatives who can work with their prospects and customers to match up their company’s products with target buyers identifiable needs so that the customer is buying rather than being sold have greater and more consistent growth.

Think about the last time you went out into the marketplace to make a purchase.  Were you buying or were you being sold by the sales reps you interacted with?  Take a deeper look at the transaction.  When you were buying you were in control of the outcome.  You were able to weigh the pros and cons and financial investment so to come to a productive conclusion. If you were being sold, you were a participant in a process by which the objective was to convince you of the pros and the value of the investment so as to complete a transaction rather than solve a need.

This is a key difference when speaking to consumers in the marketplace.  Those who have bought something rather than being sold something have typically had higher review remarks and more fully enjoyed the result of their buying decision.

This week take a look at your sales process.  Is your company culture pushing selling or helping your customer in their buying decision?  Are your sales reps solving customer needs or just moving products.  One is a short term gain and one is a long term solution.  The choice is yours to a degree.  If your customers are always being sold then once they discover buying, your opportunities with them will dwindle.  If your customers are buying from your company because your products and services help them grow and meet a need then they will be a long term buyer of your products.

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