Measuring progress toward purpose

September 21, 2017- ISSN# 1545-2646

Measuring progress toward purpose

Football season is underway and weekends for many people are now filled up with going to Friday night high school games, Saturday College games or on Sunday NFL Pro games. Football at all levels is “BIG” business.

In its’ simplest form the concepts of the game is moving the football from one end of the field to the other to score points.  The team with the most points wins. Not significantly different from business.  The concept in business is to move products or services to consumers (businesses or retail) such that the purchase of those items generate profit.  Businesses with profits stay in the game and win.

Whether it is football or your business, each action has purpose.  Each play which is called by the quarterback (leader on the field) is designed to effect a result of moving the ball forward toward the goal line. Similarly in business each process/procedure is designed to move your business in the direction of making a profit.

On the football field there are clearly marked progression steps toward the reward of a touchdown at the “Goal” line. These yard lines help identify progress or set backs.  As progress takes place, rewards are provided for moving in the proper direction.  Each forward moving 10 yards the team is provided additional attempts to continue moving toward the goal. When there is a setback, the team (business) must regroup and plot a different strategy to accomplish their purpose – scoring points or making profit.

This week you need to ask yourself if your business has a purpose.  Purpose is not just making a profit.  That actually happens when your core purpose is being realized.  What is the “Win” for your organization? With out a purpose, your business is playing on a field with no “Goal” lines.  Each day your staff shows up for work and is not sure in which direction to move and is that movement contributing to the purpose of the business or falling back onto itself and needing to regroup. Purpose is far deeper than profit.  Just like in football, scoring points during a game is just a means to measure progress.  The long term goal is a championship.  As business leaders/owners, understand the long term goal for your business.  Profits are just points to lead to the long term goal.  If there is no long term goal then you lack purpose.  With out purpose your company lacks energy.  With out energy, your progress is backwards.

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